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About me

I was born (1966) and raised in Workum, Friesland, where my parents had a general practice. There was always a lot of room for creativity in our home and there was a lot of crafting, drawing and painting. My mother was an accomplished artist and a huge inspiration to me.

After high school, however, I did not opt ​​for the Art Academy because 'there was no money to be made there', as my father always said. Instead I went to the Graphic Lyceum in Utrecht, but I did choose the creative direction and eventually made it my profession: graphic designer.

After wandering around the Randstad with various jobs, I moved with my husband and two children to more quiet Wageningen in 2000 and started there as an independent graphic designer. Since 2011 I have been living and working across the Rhine in a tiny village  Randwijk.

Over the years, in addition to my work as a graphic designer, I have further developed myself in drawing and painting. To achieve this, I have followed various courses with artists in the  region of Wageningen and Arnhem, with the occasional excursion into sculpting and ceramics. (t Venster Wageningen, KWA Arnhem, Sophie Bekkering, Ewald Sorbie).

From 2020-2023 I followed the Holistic Visual Artist course at Vrije academie t Pad.

There I learned, among other things, not to work solely from a concept, as I was used to, but above all to let go of the (intended) result and to look and feel from the moment which direction the work should take and what the work of art (still) needs. That is a much more intuitive and relaxing way of working with a much more exciting result!

This has resulted in a lot of fun making drawings and paintings with often very surprising and authentic results.

Some of my works are for sale. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.